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Cambridge University Science Magazine
The manufacturers BAE Systems claim that the new device can detect objects as small as a tennis ball up to 25km away even when they’re travelling at three times the speed of sound (over 2000mph).  The device can track more than 900 moving targets at once and cut through interference equivalent to 10,000 mobile phone signals directed its way.

With a range of up to about 200km it isn’t the furthest reaching radar around. For example the SAMPSON, also made by BAE Systems, has a range of upwards of 400km. However the Artisan 3D is a superb medium range radar system, operating from just 200m.

But that’s not all. A major selling point of the radar isn’t just its superb abilities but the fact it does all this and weighs in at just 700kg. This is about 0.01% of the mass of the frigates it’s being installed on.

It achieves such low mass by being made in part with carbon glass fibre and by being highly modular. This means that the radar can be custom designed to suit individual ships. This also makes it a very cost effective piece of kit which is easily updated.

The Artisan 3D has just been retrofitted on the HMS Iron Duke and is being rolled out on new fleets over the next few years.

Written by Saoirse Bryar.