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Cambridge University Science Magazine
Another term, another issue of BlueSci—as a magazine that has succeeded through 20 Cambridge terms there is certainly no doubt that we will be carrying on—or is there?

Do not get me wrong, the BlueSci community is as strong as ever. As you can see on the left, this issue has been the culmination of over thirty people’s hard work. With the new series of [POPULAR Science] talks, we will certainly keep growing. But in these austere times, can we justify continuing to print a colourful and glossy magazine?

I am very grateful to our sponsors who make it possible to continue our magazine in ink and on paper. I am sure they appreciate, as I now do, that printing a magazine brings a set of challenges that one may not face while publishing in electronic media. Deadlines need to be set and met, otherwise the magazine cannot be printed in time for distribution at the start of each term. Teamwork and creativity are needed to find images and lay out the design. Technical details such as picture resolution and colour management need to be considered. The negotiation of advertisement and sponsorship has to be preceded by networking and initiative. In all, learning opportunities that will enrich the skills of every volunteer involved, transferable and valuable in any career that they might head on to.

For me, it is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to work with so many perceptive and enthusiastic individuals, who contribute each in their own way to make BlueSci magazine a pleasure to read, in content, style and visual appeal.

So what do we have in store for you this issue? Our Focus section looks at microfluidic devices made of channels as wide as a human hair. Elsewhere in the issue, we look at other small things: the history of cell lines, the wings of insects, the molecular makeup of chocolate and the internal compass of cows. We also look at other big ideas: pioneering woman scientists, open data and freedom of information.

Find yourself a nook and have a good read—and if you feel inspired to get involved, do get in touch. Wing Ying Chow
Issue 21: Easter 2011

Editor: Wing Ying Chow

Managing Editor: Stephanie Glaser

Business Manager: Michael Derringer

Second Editors: Tom Bishop, Felicity Davies, Emma Hatton-Ellis, Tamara Litwin, Luke Maishman, Claire Mclaughlan, Imogen Ogilvie,

Kirsten Purcell, Paul Simpson, Raliza Stoyanova, Tayla Underwood, Georgie Ward

Sub-Editors: Stephanie Boardman, Emma Hatton-Ellis, Muhammad Zaeem Khalid, Jonathan Lawson, Tim Middleton, Lindsey Nield, Rose Spear, Richard Thomson

News Editor: Robert Jones

News Team: Jonathan Lawson, Imogen Ogilvie, Katy Wei

Book Reviews: Taylor Burns, Talya Underwood

Focus Team: Helen Gaffney, Lindsey Nield, Wendy Mak, Vivek Thacker

Weird & Wonderful: Tom Bishop, Mike Kenning, Georgie Ward

Pictures Team: Felicity Davies, Stephanie Glaser, Emma Hatton-Ellis, Muhammad Zaeem Khalid, Wendy Mak, Tim Middleton, Jessica Robinson, Nicola Stead, Richard Thomson, Talya Underwood

Production Team:  Stephanie Boardman, Felicity Davies, Ian Fyfe, Stephanie Glaser, Tim Middleton, Kirsten Purcell, Mrinal Singh, Rose Spear, Nicola Stead, Talya Underwood

Illustrators: Dominic McKenzie, Alex Hahn

Cover Image: Jamie Gundry