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ICANN have finally made a decision on the next 7 Top Level Domain names (TLD's) and the uses for them; which are: .info - for general use, .biz - for businesses, .name - for individuals, .pro - for professionals, .museum - for museums, .coop - for co-operatives, and .aero - for aviation. These TLD's are going to be ready for registration by mid 2001 and Bluesci will be looking to offer registration of all of these, or otherwise guidance about such registration at the best possible prices. However as of yet there is no definite release date. Bluesci would like also to alert your attention to the pre-registration scams that may occur. If you pre-register a domain name, this usually involves an upfront and non-refundable cost, and there is no guarantee that you will receive your name when official registration begins. As soon as the date for these new TLD's is released, Bluesci will be the first to tell you. For more information please see this link. Some of the TLD's that were rejected were .kids and .xxx, the reason being that ICANN wanted to avoid controlling content, "I don''t think this is something ICANN should be promising in the first place, we would be promising more than we could deliver," Dyson, the chairwoman of ICANN, said of .kids. For more information regarding this see here.

Rend S. Shakir is a Ph.D. student in Psychiatry at St. Catharine's