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Cambridge University Science Magazine
The issue editor is only involved in the production of one issue of BlueSci (Issue 28), they are responsible for selecting and commissioning articles and thus control the creative vision of the issue. They work closely with the Managing Editor to co-ordinate bringing this all together and ensure that everything stays to deadlines. It's fantastic experience in team management and organisation and is particularly appealing for those who are only in Cambridge for a short time.

Please send applications in the form of 250 words about why you think you are suitably for the role to by the 24th May 2013.

Feature Submissions: Issue 28

If you want to contribute to the magazine, but don't feel like issue editor is for you, why not consider writing a feature? Features are around 1200 words long on a scientific subject of your choice. They should be aimed at the interested arts student. Feature submissions should be sent to by 7th June 2013. If successful, your feature will end up being printed in issue 28!"