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Biomedical Sciences


Running Hot Off the Press: How Medicine is Embracing 3D Bioprinting Sambhavi Kumar dives into the latest medical technologies that could see 3D printers finding their way into our hospitals and clinic.
Unlocking the Gut-Brain Connection: The Invincible Army Modulating Brain Activity Goitseone Thamae shines light on the invincible army modulating brain activity
Intermittent hypoxia: could hypoxia be beneficial? Mingshuai Zhu discusses the potential benefits of intermittent hypoxia and potential clinical translation.
Aging Warriors and Cancer's Game: Navigating Immunometabolic Chessboards in Young versus Seasoned Battlers Swetha Kannan explains the metabolic interplay between aging and cancer, and the implications of this for therapeutics
Botox: From Anti-Wrinkle to Anti-Depressant Emily Birt discusses the clinical applications of Botox and emerging research into its potential use as a therapy for mental health disorders